The Light Measurement Accessories from Admesy

The performance of accurate light measurements is contingent on the measurement accessories implemented in the analytical components. A high-end spectrometer requires excellent optical sampling equipment to accurately assess the chromaticity or intensity of a given light-emitting source.

Admesy develops, manufactures, and supplies a broad range of measurement accessories capable of integrating with our full catalogue of products. This article will explore some of these measurement accessories in more detail:

Optical Sampling Accessories

Optical sampling is the fundamental principle of light measurement equipment, and the acquisition of varying optical metrics requires the application of suitable lenses, probes, and spheres. Admesy has developed a wide selection of optical measurement accessories, from lenses to more specialized equipment, including:

  • Collimating lenses, which actively focus beams of light or photons across a determined field of view into parallel trajectories – these are commonly applied for spot measurements of homogeneous lit surfaces like displays or OLED panels;
  • Cosine correctors; light diffusers linked to optical fibers, which can collect and redistribute light acquired across fields of view up to 180° with a Lambertian response;
  • Integrating spheres; hollow spherical cavity designed to collect light emitted from various angles – these are capable of generating a homogeneous light distribution;
  • Reflective probes, which use robust fiber connections to remotely measure wavelengths of light to determine and analyze the colour of a given surface under 0/0 or 45/45-degree geometry;

Each of these measurement accessories is widely available for use in light measurement systems for industrial, commercial, and academic environments.

Medusa Series Controller Platform

The Medusa platform is an integral measurement accessory for production or manufacturing environments, in which multiple light measurement devices like colorimeters are used to perform multi-spot measurements. For example, typical 9 point measurements taken in display industries. This smart controller is designed to manage and synchronize up to 16 Admesy light measurement units simultaneously, offering extraordinary improvements to measurement options by allowing for isolated usage of single devices, or specific device groupings to carry out multiple light measurements at once.

This measurement accessory is available with 4, 8, 12, and 16 USB inputs, supporting the light meter, colorimeter and spectrometer product range currently available. It also features a high degree of automation thanks to a sophisticated, built-in operating system.

Light Measurement Accessories from Admesy

Admesy are industry-leading designers of various optical measuring equipment, providing instrumentation capable of accurately assessing photometric qualities such as fluorescence, luminance, luminous intensity, and chromaticity. Our light measurement accessories are trusted to perform robust and rapid measurement processes to ensure lighting is of the highest standard for limitless applications.

If you would like any more information about our measurement accessories for optical measuring applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.