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The 4 Most Common Spectrometer Applications

Spectroradiometers are used to separate, quantify, and analyze the spectral characteristics of a light source, providing industry-specific insights based on a light’s wavelength intensities or frequency. They use a grating to split light into wavelengths of different bandwidths and funnel that light through the spectrometer using integrated concave mirrors. These high optical throughput components ensure […]

What Causes LED Flicker?

Mains electricity for residential and commercial properties operates on the principle of alternating current (AC); the process by which an electrical current and voltage is periodically reversed in an oscillating motion known as a sine wave. The sine wave constantly moves from negative to positive values in association with the magnetic polarity of the alternator […]

The Light Measurement Accessories from Admesy

The performance of accurate light measurements is contingent on the measurement accessories implemented in the analytical components. A high-end spectrometer requires excellent optical sampling equipment to accurately assess the chromaticity or intensity of a given light-emitting source. Admesy develops, manufactures, and supplies a broad range of measurement accessories capable of integrating with our full catalogue […]

Illuminance Meters for Professional Applications

Illuminance meters quantitatively measure the amount of luminous flux (lx) of incident light on a surface according to human perception; CIE 1931 function. This is crucial for the optical optimization of lighting designed to fulfill an environment’s ambient properties, for example for retail, offices, and workspaces. Illuminance measurements can be carried out to achieve a […]

The Importance of Light Measurement in the Display Industry

The display industry is characterized by persistent innovation and competition, as manufacturers strive to deliver the best possible user products. Various industry leaders field contending new display technologies such as QLED (quantum dot light emitting diode) and OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays in bids to provide the best consumer experiences and improve their own […]

Performing Advanced Spectral Measurement with Admesy Spectroradiometers

A spectroradiometer is designed to accomplish spectral measurement across a wavelength ranges based on an absolute calibration. This calibration allows accurate and precise determination of distinct radiometric, photometric, and colorimetric characteristics of a light emitting object by measuring and analyzing its spectral power distribution. This singular spectral measurement method can perform with complete autonomy within […]

What is the CIE Luminosity Function?

In 1924 the Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (CIE) defined a general photopic spectral sensitivity function of the average human eye based on a number of experiments. This photopic sensitivity is based on the midrange of the visual spectrum known as the Vλ or ȳ(λ) luminosity function and the basic principle of the response of light […]

The Different Light Measurements Performed with Admesy Products

Modern lighting is dominated by LED and Solid-State Light (SSL) sources which have become affordable and efficient to produce. They can be minutely tuned for specific optical characteristics, emitting light of different wavelengths, colours and brightness – yet this wide range of choice does present a margin of error. Minor issues which can potentially arise […]

How is Objective Colour Measurement Achieved?

As the perception of colour can vary significantly from one person to the next, researchers developed the field of colorimetry, the science of objective colour measurement. In colorimetry, colours are measured as precisely as possible using colour measurement value systems. Analytical colour measurement techniques are typical in commerce, industry, and research, and are commonly applied […]

Measuring Flicker to Improve LED Lighting

Watch slow-motion video shot under artificial lighting, and you’ll likely notice that the lights pulsate or “flicker” at very a certain rate. Although at normal speed, this flickering cannot be seen, it still is a significant quality issue of lighting productions – particularly when it comes to LED lighting. To address quality concerns, there are […]