Measuring OLED displays in production environments

Displays are being integrated in more devices than ever. Nowadays displays are used in cars, phones, tablets, laptops, watches, household appliances, etc.LCD has been the dominant display technology for many years, during which the technology matured and reached its limits with respect to resolution, brightness, contrast, colour saturation and speed. There have been multiple display […]

What are Reflection Measurements?

The perception of colour is primarily determined by two objective factors: the wavelengths of light that are reflected from a surface; and the colour of the illuminating light. White light is a combination of lights of different wavelengths in the visible spectrum. A surface will absorb and reflect proportions of these wavelengths dependent upon its […]

Radiance Measurement and Irradiance Measurement with Admesy

Radiance and irradiance are measurement units used within the field of radiometry. This blog post will outline the method behind these measurement units and highlight how Admesy spectroradiometers can be used to perform them. Radiance Measurements Radiance is the unit that conveys the amount of radiant flux emitted, transmitted, or reflected by a surface. The […]