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Since our start in 2006 we have been focussing on spectral and colorimetric test and measurement solutions. Our expertise ranges from basic luminance measurements up to complete spectral measurements ranging from ultraviolet UV up to the near-infrared NIR region (200 nm - 1100 nm).

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System integration & OEM solutions

Testing solutions to satisfy your needs

Are you in need for an online, inline, atline or off-line testing solution or experience? A little hero that dreads neither harsh and unfriendly production environments, nor high-volume production? With easy hardware and software integration? Or are you looking for a customizable spectroradiometer? Be it for your production process or as a part of the OEM product you create: Admesy delivers the spectral or colorimetric testing solutions to satisfy your needs.

Analytic testing
Analytical testing

General Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy or Fluorescence Spectroscopy – require accurate spectroradiometers with a good linearity, low noise and last but not least the ability to be repeatable.

Admesy offers customizable spectroradiometers which bring all those attributes to the table, while at the same time offering a unique robust connector for fibers and other accessories. The perfect solution to integrate spectral measurements in your production process or to use as a building block in the solution you create for your customers.

Lighting production
Lighting production

You are producing lighting or other Solid-State-Lighting products or testing LEDs for niche applications like heart-rate monitoring? Then an accurate and reliable measurement solution is a must!

You can count on Admesy's experience to deliver the spectral measurement solution for your project. Use the supplied software solution or easily integrate our instruments in your custom software. We support all major software platforms.

OEM Integration
OEM integration

When your OEM solution has the highest demands for spectral measurement, the choice for the Admesy Neo series is close.

One customer example is the integration of our spectroradiometer in an Ion beam sputtering coating machine: an industrial coating process that reaches the highest thin-film quality. With the introduction of our spectroradiometer the machine control could be optimized such, that filters produced now meet much tighter tolerances.

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Display measurements

Display manufacturing and integration

Let us help you safeguard the highest display quality. During the production process, different display technologies, like LCD and LED panels, are subject to variations in color, luminance and flicker levels. Keep their quality strong and steady by tracking and correcting eventual changes and variations. For display measurement, both spot measurement and 2D imaging are typically used.

Process control
Process control and quality assessment

Ever advancing display technologies with higher contrast, wider gamuts and increasing resolutions and luminance levels put an increasing demand on the qualities of display measurement solutions. In addition, those solutions need to be able to handle very short takt times, need to be robust and also easy to integrate in production settings. You can count on Admesy's experience to deliver matching solutions - which can be tailored to customer specific needs for high-volume production.

White point adjustment
Gamma and white point adjustment

Flatpanel displays have a native bluish white point and will have an S-curved tonal response. To become compatible with the history of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) and color spaces like sRGB, which evolved from those CRT times, each display panel needs calibration to a target white point and tonal transfer curve, described with the gamma function. For that our colorimeters and spectroradiometers are widely used in display production.

Flicker and V com adjustment
V-Com adjustment and flicker assessment

The human vision is very sensitive to flicker. Due to the driving of displays, especially while dimming, flicker can become a visible problem. You can access the flicker and waveform characteristics with Admesy's high-speed Asteria luminance meters, which are also perfect for V-Com adjustment of TFT panels.

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What would you like to measure?

Spectral data
Spectral data

Spectral data, more accurately described as the Spectral Power Distribution (SPD), is key for many analytical applications. For visual applications, the SPD allows to calculate advanced colorimetric values, for example to describe the color rendering properties of light sources.


The color itself is one of the most important characteristics for many visual applications. It also provides the basis for calculating the gamma value of displays - just one of the many examples for its use.

Luminance / Irradiance

Luminance is a basic visual property. It is directly linked to the human perception of brightness. Luminance is key in many applications, from testing the uniformity of displays to the evaluation of a road surface’s reflectance. Irradiance tells us which radiation is falling onto a specific surface. The illuminance measurement of lighting is a typical example.

How are you measuring?

Analytical Setup

With fibers and other accessories even more type of measurements and analysis are possible. Often used accessories are integrating spheres, cuvettes for fluids, light sources or filter holders.

Cosine Corrector

A cosine corrector collects the light from the half space under 180 degrees. A typical application is the illuminance measurement of a lighting situation.

Spot Measurement

Measuring the luminance or color values at a specific location of the device under test is a typical use case when measuring displays. It can, however, also be meaningful to assess reflected light.

2D Imaging

Consumers are used to enjoy top-quality displays in their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even cars. Emerging technologies such as lighting surfaces for office and home illumination are expected to look equally perfect. Both displays and luminous surfaces are the main application areas for imaging colorimeters.

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