Sneak preview of Helios – our new XYZ imaging colorimeter series

At Display Week in Los Angeles we introduced the Helios series. An XYZ imaging colorimeter with extreme color accuracy. Together with the Prometheus series this completes our solutions for display measurement and general color critical applications.

Helios at Display Week 2023

Accuracy matters

So far the color accuracy of XYZ imaging colorimeters has been a limiting factor when measuring large batches of displays. Especially wide gamut displays with their narrow spectral peaks or also variations in the spectral power distribution (SPD) across the batch made it harder to achieve the lowest measurement uncertainties wanted. This posses a challenge for automotive OEMs and other high-end applications.

Admesy now offers a solution to this. We were able to optimize our filter coating process to produce custom high-end tristimulus filters with the same accuracy we use for our Prometheus colorimeter series. With near perfect XYZ filter characteristics and ultra uniform filters we can assure the highest possibly measurement accuracy over the whole measurement area. This is relevant for any kind of uniformity or mura assessment.

Helios lens

An image space telecentric lens system offers the highest optical performance and a command based focus allows both very quick automated adjustments and ensuring the highest repeatability possible. Helios will be available with a resolution of 12.3 MP.