We are exhibiting at IMID 2022, Busan, Korea

Join us at the BEXCO for the in-person part of The International Meeting on Information display. Register and come check out our booth.

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IMID is an attractive technical conference and showcase on the information display for leading researchers and students from academia and industry to share their cutting-edge results and knowledge.

Go check-out our oral and poster presentations:

"Unique Matrix Calibration of XYZ Tristimulus Colorimeter by User to Reduce Measurement Difference from Reference Insrument on OLED Dislpay" - Hyongmin Hahm

"Luminance and Chromaticity difference as a Function of f1' of XYZ Tristimulus Colorimeters on OLED Display" - Hyongmin Hahm

"The Three Dimensions of Color Spaces and Display Color Gamuts" - Peter Karp