Arges series

High end colorimeter and stable light source in one

High speed 45/0 reflective surface analysis

The Arges 45/0 colorimeter is a combination of our high speed colorimeters and a stabilized light source similar to the Steropes. Thanks to its innovative design the controlled light beam hits the surface at a 45 degree angle and the colour is measured perpendicularly at a 0 degree angle. This setup allows for high speed and accurate colour measurement of surfaces and materials, easily detecting even minor colour variances, excluding the specular component. Admesy has developed the Arges colorimeter with industrial applications in mind, offering the possibility to use the Arges for both contact and non-contact measurements.

Arges highlights

  • Reflective colour measurement according to 45/0 degree standard
  • High speed measurement: 10 000 colour measurements/second in RAM mode
  • Measure colour and luminance in various colour spaces: XYZ, CIELab, LCH, Luv
  • Measure deltaE according to CIE1976, CIE1994, CIE2000, CMC
  • Trigger input and output for in line applications. General Purpose I/O for control
  • Measure via a PC (also embedded systems) or stand alone
  • Works on various operating systems: Windows, OSX, Linux, winCE
  • SCPI command interface for easy integration in other applications
  • USBTMC standard compliant, full speed USB2.0 interface
  • Directly supported in Labview / Labwindows / Visual Studio via VISA library. All other programming languages that support VISA can be used