Cronus series

Spectrometer and colorimeter in one

Combining high speed measurement with extreme accuracy

The Cronus is world’s first spectro-colorimeter combining a VIS spectrophotometer with a tri-stimulus colorimeter. This unique combination allows the user to choose between detailed spectral information of the spectroradiometer and high speed colour, light and flicker measurements of the colorimeter. The Cronus is well suited for lighting and display applications where both speed and accuracy is needed. The Cronus is available in a fibre, lens and cosine corrector version. Just as other Admesy products it is developed with industrial use in mind combining measurement excellence with ease of use, minimal calibration needs in a compact and robust design. The Cronus offers high end laboratory results with a workforce attitude.

The Cronus Bhaskar is the latest addition to the Admesy Cronus series which can be considered a mix between an integrating sphere and typical cosine corrector measurement systems, optimized for fast, accurate and repeatable inline measurements of LED bulbs. The optical configuration of the Cronus Bhaskar is designed to cover an entire typical E27 [or similar size] fitting light bulb, acting like an integrator. Offering accurate and repeatable measurements in terms of colour, total light output and optional flicker and start-up behaviour within a couple of milliseconds.

Cronus highlights

  • Combination of spectrophotometer and colorimeter
  • LED, lighting and display measurement device
  • Measures various parameters including xy, CRI, CCT, radiometric & photometric, PAR, spectrum
  • All flicker measurement standards supported for LCD: Contrast, JEITA, VESA
  • Lighting flicker methods: flicker percentage, index and IEEE 1789 recommendation
  • Sample rate up to 50.000 [Cronus 01] or 186.567 [Cronus 02] samples per second
  • Spectral range 380-780nm
  • Fibre, lens or cosine corrector configuration
  • Auto-range function
  • Mechanical shutter
  • Excellent linearity
  • Dark current compensated
  • USBTMC compliant, SCPI command set, high speed device
  • USB, RS-232, Ethernet connections and trigger in & out for ideal system and OEM integration
  • Various calculations are carried out inside the device, saving processing power in production environments
  • Robust housing, optimized for mounting and protection in harsh production environments

Cronus filters

Cronus filter characteristics