Cylon series

Innovative ring of light

Hard to measure surfaces meet their nemesis

The Cylon colorimeter’s most outstanding feature is its innovative, stabilised lighting technology: Creating a perfectly 360 degree lit and controlled measurement environment on even the hardest and uneven surfaces. Amongst others the Cylon is used in the high speed production of for example carpets, textiles, tiles or quality control on leather. The Cylon’s lighting technology is developed from Admesy’s Steropes series stable light sources and is designed in such way that no area remains unlit. Inside is a high speed and stable colorimeter giving the best measurements over and over.

Cylon highlights

  • 45/0 degree colour measurement
  • Stabilized 360 degree light source
  • 5 mm variation in surface height accepted
  • Suited for non-contact in-line measurement of rough / uneven surfaces