Steropes LED Light Source

Steropes HDX series

Obtaining good measurement results requires good and stable lighting. With this in mind Admesy developed the Steropes Halogen light source, which is a stable, accurate light source controlled by a current stabilisation circuit. With the Steropes halogen the user is certain to have a light output at +/- 0,1% / 0C accuracy. Combined with our colorimeters or spectrometers the stabilized light of the Steropes offers the best measurement results. The Steropes Halogen is currently available with Admesy’s M8 fixed position fibre connector for connecting with reflective probes, fibres and other accessories, SMA fibre and as calibration version.

Steropes HDX highlights

  • Ultra stable light source thanks to internal regulation
  • USB and RS232 communication interfaces controlled light output
  • Selectable stand-alone mode and control via software
  • Steropes HDX available in standard 20W, optional blue enhanced output
  • Long life / normal / high power mode
  • Mechanical shutter
Steropes HDX standard Steropes HDX blue enhanced
Standard halogen Halogen blue enhanced

Smart Device Controller

Medusa series

The Medusa smart device controller platform is designed to operate multiple Admesy devices. It allows our customers to control up to 16 multiple units at once vastly increasing measurement options. All Admesy products are supported and can be used together with the Medusa controller series. Connected devices can be divided into groups and controlled via their unique device ID which allows for both single device measurements and multiple device measurements. Besides these benefits the Medusa is particularly interesting for use in difficult environments such as vacuum chambers where a reduced number of outgoing connections is desired.

Medusa highlights

  • Available in 4, 8, 12 and 16 ports version
  • USB ports 500mA compliant as required by USB specifications
  • Build in operating system taking care of handling all device actions
Integrating Sphere

Sampling accessories

Admesy offers a broad range of sampling and measurement accessories for our measurement devices. The range includes collimating and other lenses, cosine correctors, fibres, reflective probes and integrating spheres. For more information, download the Admesy accessories brochure on the left.

Sampling accessories overview

Accessories & applications
Collimating lens Regular lens  Cosine corrector  Integrating sphere  Reflective probe  Cuvette holder 
Display: spot measurements X X        
Lighting: radiant power measurements       X    
Lighting: irradiance measurements     X      
Lighting: flicker measurements  X X X    
Transmission measurements  X       X
Reflection measurements         X  


Custom products

Admesy offers a wide range of measurement devices which include spectrometers, colorimeters and light meters extended with stabilized light sources and accessories with various optical configurations. Sometimes your measurement needs may require a more specific solution and you need customization.

Starting at small series production runs Admesy has the capability to quickly develop and implement a suitable and cost effective solution to meet your measurement needs. We do so in close cooperation with the customers, end-users or system integrators. Admesy’s modular measurement solutions offer a suitable OEM measurement module or even a final measurement system for most needs. Please contact us for more information about custom options.

Arges Colorimeter

Arges series

The Arges 45/0 colorimeter is a combination of our high speed colorimeters and a stabilized light source similar to the Steropes. Thanks to its innovative design the controlled light beam hits the surface at a 45 degree angle and the colour is measured perpendicularly at a 0 degree angle. This setup allows for high speed and accurate colour measurement of surfaces and materials, easily detecting even minor colour variances, excluding the specular component. Admesy has developed the Arges colorimeter with industrial applications in mind, offering the possibility to use the Arges for both contact and non-contact measurements.

Arges highlights

  • Reflective colour measurement according to 45/0 degree standard
  • High speed measurement: 10 000 colour measurements/second in RAM mode
  • Measure colour and luminance in various colour spaces: XYZ, CIELab, LCH, Luv
  • Measure deltaE according to CIE1976, CIE1994, CIE2000, CMC
  • Trigger input and output for in line applications. General Purpose I/O for control
  • Measure via a PC (also embedded systems) or stand alone
  • Works on various operating systems: Windows, OSX, Linux, winCE
  • SCPI command interface for easy integration in other applications
  • USBTMC standard compliant, full speed USB2.0 interface
  • Directly supported in Labview / Labwindows / Visual Studio via VISA library. All other programming languages that support VISA can be used
Vates Surface Analysis

Vates series

The Vates is the multi-talented member of the Admesy product family: It offers the reflective surface measurement capabilities of the Arges with 45/0 geometry, combined with 20, 45 and 60 degree gloss and colour measurement. Three stabilized light sources and four colour measurement sensors at fixed angles contribute to an easy to use, low maintenance, high end colour and gloss meter for applications in R&D and production settings that demand specular component excluded [SCE] and separate gloss measurements.

SCE colour measurements are carried out by illuminating surfaces and measuring from different angles. This allows true colour measurement excluding the influence of gloss. SCI measures colour by illuminating and measuring at various angles to measure both colour and gloss for total appearance measurement. Gloss is measured by illuminating a sample from a predefined angle and measuring the light reflected at the same but opposite angle.

Vates highlights

  • 45/0 degree colour measurement
  • 20, 45 and 60 degree gloss or colour measurements
  • Innovative build-in stabilised light sources
  • High speed colour and gloss measurements at 4.000 samples/second
  • Measure colour and luminance in various colour spaces: XYZ, CIELab, LCH, Luv
  • Applicable for both contact and non-contact measurement
Cylon Colorimeter

Cylon series

The Cylon colorimeter’s most outstanding feature is its innovative, stabilised lighting technology: Creating a perfectly 360 degree lit and controlled measurement environment on even the hardest and uneven surfaces. Amongst others the Cylon is used in the high speed production of for example carpets, textiles, tiles or quality control on leather. The Cylon’s lighting technology is developed from Admesy’s Steropes series stable light sources and is designed in such way that no area remains unlit. Inside is a high speed and stable colorimeter giving the best measurements over and over.

Cylon highlights

  • 45/0 degree colour measurement
  • Stabilized 360 degree light source
  • 5 mm variation in surface height accepted
  • Suited for non-contact in-line measurement of rough / uneven surfaces