Steropes HDX series

Obtaining good measurement results requires good and stable lighting. With this in mind Admesy developed the Steropes Halogen light source, which is a stable, accurate light source controlled by a current stabilisation circuit. With the Steropes halogen the user is certain to have a light output at +/- 0,1% / 0C accuracy. Combined with our colorimeters or spectrometers the stabilized light of the Steropes offers the best measurement results. The Steropes Halogen is currently available with Admesy’s M8 fixed position fibre connector for connecting with reflective probes, fibres and other accessories, SMA fibre and as calibration version.

Steropes HDX highlights

  • Ultra stable light source thanks to internal regulation
  • USB and RS232 communication interfaces controlled light output
  • Selectable stand-alone mode and control via software
  • Steropes HDX available in standard 20W, optional blue enhanced output
  • Long life / normal / high power mode
  • Mechanical shutter
Steropes HDX standard Steropes HDX blue enhanced
Standard halogen Halogen blue enhanced