Steropes LED series

Stable controlled light source

Measurement is all about the right lighting

Obtaining good measurement results requires good and stable lighting. With this in mind Admesy developed the Steropes LED light source, which is a stable, accurate light source controlled by a built-in colorimeter resulting in a very high stability of the light output. With the Steropes LED the user is certain to have a light output at 0,1% accuracy. Combined with our colorimeters or spectrometers the stabilized light of the Steropes offers the best measurement results where stable light is needed.

Steropes LED highlights

  • Ultra stable light source thanks to internal regulation
  • USB & GPIO communication interfaces controlled light output
  • Ultra-fast stabilization: within 10ms
  • Stand-alone mode available
  • Suitable for use in vacuum environments
  • Steropes LED available in Natural White and Full Spectrum
  • Other colours and custom wavelengths are available on request
Steropes LED natural white Steropes LED full spectrum
Natural white Full spectrum