Titan series

Imaging colorimeter with integrated spectrometer

also available as XYZ tristimulus spot meter

The Titan system is the ultimate imaging colorimeter with an integrated NIST-traceable calibrated spectrophotometer [380-780nm] and a fast sampling light meter, combining three fundamentally different devices into one solution giving it unprecedented capabilities and flexibility. Main applications are display testing [including LED panel] and Luminous Surface testing.

  • Displays and LED panels can be tested with the Titan on luminance and colour uniformity (including Mura), response time and flicker. This ultimate all-in-one solution makes it possible to integrate all display tests, including VCOM adjustment and white point adjustment into one display test station minimizing system investments and factory footprint.
  • Any [large] luminous surface such as back-lit textiles [including matrix projection] or OLED luminaires can be tested on luminance and colour uniformity, flicker analysis and start-up behaviour.

This flexibility makes the Titan the ultimate all-in-one measurement device for testing any light luminous surface in both laboratory and production environments. Like all Admesy devices the Titan is designed to be quickly integrated into a production environment because of the robust mechanics, reliable electronics, and production-ready software architecture.

Titan highlights

  • Luminance & colour uniformity measurements
  • Mura measurements
  • Providing data for white point / VCOM adjustments
  • Response time measurements
  • Self-calibrating camera using a NIST-traceable calibrated spectrophotometer
  • Spectrometer range 380-780nm
  • Camera and spectrometer auto-range measure function
  • Dark current compensated
  • Programmable regions of interest
  • Production capable
  • Accurate enough for laboratory use and robust enough for production environments