Prometheus 17 mm LF transparent

Prometheus Series
Prometheus Luminance and Flicker Meter

LF 17 mm

Prometheus LF 17 mm is an ultra speed photometer suited for display measurements for highest resolution flicker measurements and waveform assessment.

“Luminance and flicker measurement with almost warp speed.”

Highest sampling speed

The fastest luminance and flicker on the market. With 800 000 samples/second the Prometheus LF 17 is more than four times faster than the tried and trusted Asteria.

Near perfect V(λ) filters

With our further improved in-house made filters we achieve almost perfect transmission characteristics for the luminous efficiency V(λ) function. This results in an improved measurement accuracy.

Easy to integrate

Like all our measurement solutions Prometheus LF is easy to integrate in your production or R&D workflow. Together we determine the optimal solution for your application. Hardware and software will be integrated in a snap.


  • Highly accurate luminance measurements according to human eye (CIE1931 luminosity function)
  • Extreme fast luminance measurement even at low luminance level
  • Flicker sample rate (800 000 samples per second) and large memory size
  • Measure high and low frequencies at the same time
  • Auto-range function
  • User-calibration function
  • Flicker measurement standards:
  • • Contrast min. / max. / RMS
  • Trigger in- and output for inline applications
  • Supports Windows, macOS and Linux integration
  • Supported in all major programming languages (Labview, Labwindows, Visual Studio C++ / C#) and other languages that support VISA
Prometheus 17 mm LF transparent

Prometheus Series
Prometheus Luminance and Flicker Meter

LF 17 mm

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