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To you, our devices might be just that: a tool for light measurement. Stable, reliable and accurate: nothing more, nothing less. To us, however, they are filled with fascination. We have a passion for the seemingly impossible. Bright and breezy, we are eager to tackle any challenge with a Dutch hands-on approach that allows us to meet your needs with the speed of light.

About Admesy

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Engineering experts

Admesy is founded in 2006 by former Philips engineers active in creating display testing solutions. Building on our engineering expertise, we stuff black boxes with measurement power.

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High performance

Over the years, our product range expanded to spectroradiometer, colorimeters, lightmeters and 2D imaging devices. Newer, faster and more accurate than any test & measurement solutions the world has ever seen.

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Endless possibilities

Happy and growing, our customer base ranges from large volume 24/7 production testing, smaller volume niche system manufacturers and single devices used for product and test development. We meet the needs of a constantly growing range of industries and applications. With endless possibilities.

Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 2006 by former Philips engineers
  • Headquarter in the Netherlands
  • R&D, manufacturing and clean room
  • Offices in China, Korea and Japan
  • Satisfied customer base all over the world
  • Steadily inventing and growing


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Admesy is expanding: new Headquarter

Our new headquarters is nearing completion. Just a couple of weeks to cross the final t’s and dot the i’s.

KIDS Information Display February 2020 issue Pascal
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Korean Information Display Society highlights Admesy

With the article on Admesy, the Korean Information Display Society endorses that a fast and reliable assessment of display characteristics and quality is essential for the production of high-quality displays.

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Characterizing Photometric Flicker with handheld meters

Interested in light measurements and flicker characterization? In that case you might need to read the reports by The US Department of Energy on characterizing photometric flicker.

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