Titan 系列


The Titan Series is the ultimate 2D imaging CMOS sensor combined with a high-end spotmeter (colorimeter). The Titan combines two fundamentally different devices in one solution giving it unprecedented capabilities and flexibility. Because of the software the operation of the Titan is very user-friendly. The Titan has been developed for the display market.

Satisfying customer needs

In a fast paced and ever evolving display market, our customers keep on inventing, pushing the boundaries of current display technologies. We are here to support both innovation and imagination. Our measurement solutions are continuously improved, ready to rely on for even your latest measurement needs.

Measurements you can trust

High accuracy and repeatability: those are the given qualities any high-end measurement solution should posses. It’s exactly what we deliver.

Running 24/7

Production in two shifts or 24/7? It’s what our Titan series is optimized for. Let’s keep on runnin'.

Lowest takt times

Fast takt times are key in any production environment. We help you to choose the right solution for that.

Build to perform and ready to use

High performance

At Admesy we innovate continually, developing new, faster and more accurate technologies. Why? To pursue our mission to provide our customers with the most innovative test & measurement equipment solutions.

Easy to integrate

Our measurement solutions are easy to integrate in your production or R&D workflow. Together we determine the optimal solution for your application — choosing for the best configuration for your needs. Hardware and software will be integrated in a snap.

Value for money

What makes our imaging colorimeter special?

Their accuracy and repeatability, robustness and affordability. We do not call it a smart choice for nothing. Our promise to you is value for money. Clear and candid.

Titan series overview

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