Titan Series

Titan Series Intro

The Titan Series is the ultimate 2D imaging colorimeter. It features a CMOS sensor combined with a high-end spotmeter (colorimeter). The Titan combines two fundamentally different devices in one solution giving it unprecedented capabilities and flexibility. Because of the software the operation of the Titan is very user-friendly. The Titan has been developed for the display market.

Fast, accurate and reliable

When every second counts: with the RGB sensor the Titan series is the best solution for high-speed and volume production testing.

One-shot measurement

A Bayer pattern RGB sensor captures all colors in one measurement shot, assuring lowest measurement times.

ADMESY 2021 251 A9568 1800x600 DEF
Calibrated to the point

The built in high-performance colorimeter measures the spot of the display-under-test (DUT) and guarantees that each display is measured with highest accuracy.

24 7
24/7 ready

Like all our measurement solutions Titan is perfectly fit to be used under demanding production conditions.

ADMESY Cleanroom 2021 251 A9412 2500x1667

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