Admesy is expanding: new Headquarter

Admesy started to burst at the seams. What to do about it? that case it's time to expand.
Our new headquarter is nearing completion. Parking space will have to wait until the snow clears but for now it certainly helps for a cool look and feel...

Flyer Seminar Optische Charakterisierung PBW Februar 2022 final
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Lichtmesstechnik und Optische Charakterisierung von Displays

Unser Farb- und Display-Experte Peter Karp unterstützt das Seminar Praktische Licht- und Displaymesstechnik

KIDS Information Display February 2020 issue Pascal
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Korean Information Display Society highlights Admesy

With the article on Admesy, the Korean Information Display Society endorses that a fast and reliable assessment of display characteristics and quality is essential for the production of high-quality displays.

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