Neo Series

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High-end performance, exceptional ease of use and robust from cover to core: meet Neo, a versatile platform to create spectral measurement solutions for a wide array of applications. Analytical, transmission or absorbance testing? No problem for Neo, which is also perfect for Solid State Lighting (SSL) like LED-testing, or for thin film coating and other demanding areas.

Your solution for OEM integration and production testing

Looking for a spectroradiometer that answers to the highest expectations for development applications? Eager to integrate spectral measurements into your production testing, or creating an OEM solution? As the perfect instrument base, Neo can be connected or coupled with a wide variety of optical accessories to satisfy all your needs.

Analytic testing
Measurements you can trust

High accuracy and repeatability: those are the given qualities any high-end measurement solution should posses. It’s exactly what we deliver.

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Running 24/7

Our Neo series is optimized for production in your measurement system or production line. Neo doesn't mind working in two shifts or 24/7. Let’s keep on runnin'.

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Custom solutions

Looking for high-volume production? We develop custom solutions to satisfy your demands.

Measurement Kits

The Neo Series is currently available in four configurations. Custom configurations are available on request.

CIE 127 Cosine Corrector Cuvette Transmission
CIE 127 conformant Integrating Sphere yes
Industrial Strength Cosine Corrector yes
Cuvette Holder yes
Industrial Strength Collimating Lens 2
Industrial Strength Fiber yes yes 2 2
Crius LED Light Source yes yes
LED positioning stage yes
Transmission sample holder yes
Neo Software Suite yes yes yes yes
Traceable Wavelength Calibration for Fiber Fiber
Irradiance PTB Traceable Calibration Fiber Fiber / Direct Coupling

Build to perform and ready to use

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High performance

At Admesy we innovate continually, developing new, faster and more accurate technologies. Why? To pursue our mission to provide our customers with the most innovative test & measurement equipment solutions.

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Easy to integrate

Our measurement solutions are easy to integrate in your production or product development workflow. Together we determine the optimal solution for your application — choosing from a range of different optical configurations. Hardware and software will be integrated in a snap.

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Value for money

What makes our spectroradiometers special? Their accuracy and repeatability, robustness and affordability. We do not call it a smart choice for nothing. Our promise to you is value for money. Clear and candid.

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