Helios Series

Helios series intro

The Helios is the ultimate 2D imaging CMOS sensor combining our custom-made high accuracy interference type XYZ filters and additional OD filters with virtually flat response for a high dynamic range.

Accuracy and precision

The Helios series colorimeter excels in an unprecedented color measurement accuracy of imaging colorimeters.

Helios XYZ filters
XYZ in perfection

The Helios XYZ achieves the highest measurement accuracy by Admesy's in-house made filters, taking into account the complete optical path. Finally a custom image space telecentric lens assures that the natural angle dependence of interference filters is taken care of by assuring perpendicular light transmission in the filter plane.

Helios Y
Patend pending Y solution

The Y camera supports several lenses. In order to compensate for the angle effects of the standard lenses a special design was developed for the filter. This make the Helios Y stand apart from any other solution on the market when accuracy is key.

Helios uniformity
Accuracy over the area

Finally, after guaranteeing the high accuracy on a single pixel, it is equally crucial to be able to control the uniformity on the sensor. Thanks to the advancements made in our coating technology, Admesy has achieved unparalleled uniformity in the Helios 2D imaging colorimeters.

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