Hera Series

Hera cosine and Hera 10mm lens DEF

If ease of use, stability, performance and price are paramount, Hera spectroradiometers are your choice for LED measurement. Available in three spectral ranges, Hera offers a VIS spectroradiometer ranging from 380 to 780nm or an extended range of 360 to 830nm. Hera is also available as a UV-NIR with a range of 250 to 1100nm.

Satisfying customer needs

In need for an accurate, yet compact and affordable spectral measurement solution? Hera fills the gap and is used by satisfied customers in different applications like the production of lamps, filter testing, display evaluation or Research & Development.

Analytic testing
Measurements you can trust

High accuracy and repeatability: those are the given qualities any high-end measurement solution should posses. It’s exactly what we deliver.

Hera cossine top
Robust and compact housing

Hera boasts a robust, yet compact housing. Perfect for measurements on-the-go: just add your laptop and start measuring.

Integrating sphere conntected Hera DEF
Choose your optical weapon

Hera is available with different collimating lens options, as well as with a Cosine Corrector or fiber optic connection to be coupled with integrating spheres and other optical accessories.

Build to perform and ready to use

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High performance

At Admesy we innovate continually, developing new, faster and more accurate technologies. Why? To pursue our mission to provide our customers with the most innovative test & measurement equipment solutions.

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Easy to integrate

Our measurement solutions are easy to integrate in your production or R&D workflow. Together we determine the optimal solution for your application — choosing from a range of different lens options. Hardware and software will be integrated in a snap.

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Value for money

What makes our spectroradiometer special? This small package stuffed with measurement power is accurate, compact, robust and affordable. We do not call it a smart choice for nothing. Our promise to you is value for money. Clear and candid.

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