Prometheus Series

Prometheus Series Overview

Prometheus series offers the solution for all types of spot measurements on displays. Developed to your needs, this series consists of different measurement tools to cover all possible measurement demands. Spectral power distribution, colorimetric tristimulus values, luminance or flicker. For all display measurements Admesy has a great solution. Like all Admesy series, the Prometheus series designed and build robust for 24/7 use, easy to integrate in production environments and offering an excellent price-performance ratio.

Prometheus Spectrometer with Viewfinder

Prometheus Viewfinder Spectrometer

Admesy has specialized in developing and manufacturing measurement solutions you can trust and rely on. The Prometheus viewfinder spectrometer is no exception. It is an ideal device for measurements where accuracy, ease of use, stability and performance are the essence. You are looking for a versatile instrument for R&D? Or you need a robust solution for hassle free integration in your production process? You need to set up process control for displays? All those applications can be perfectly covered with the Prometheus viewfinder spectrometer.

Due the integrated electronic viewfinder it is a breeze to set up the Prometheus spectrometer accurately aligning the wanted measurement spot. For documentation purposes a picture of the measurement area can be saved. A great option for the automation in quality control or to document measurement setups in the development stage.

From the technical side you can expect the best from the Prometheus spectrometer. It utilizes a high-end cooled CCD detector for low noise and high dynamic range and a unique internal wavelength monitoring. Highest accuracy for your spectral and colorimetric readings from low to high luminance are the result. Last but not least the integrated flicker measurement option completes the all-in-one display measurement solution. Prometheus Spectrometer is available with an acceptance angle of 1.2° or a measurement spot of about 1 mm.

Prometheus Colorimeter

ADMESY Prometheus Colorimeter 10 mm collimating lens

Prometheus Colorimeter is available with different lenses. For general display measurements collimating lenses with 10 mm, 20 mm or 27 mm spot size are offered. For small areas of interest or special applications, like camera-under-display testing, a focusing lens version with 2.1 mm or 5 mm spot size is an option as well. A 10 mm version is available with a fiber or for capturing 6 angles at the same time in a multi-angle version as well.

The following table categorizes the different lens options into four basic sensitivity ranges – corresponding to the relevant measurement speeds. The Prometheus colorimeter IFC with fiber connection has a "Lower Sensitivity" that is approx. 2.5 times lower than the "Standard Sensitivity". Prometheus colorimeters with "Improved Sensitivity" have about a 3 to 4 times higher sensitivity compared to the "Standard Sensitivity" options. The devices with "Highest Sensitivity" are about 2.5 to 3 times more sensitive in comparison to the "Improved Sensitivity" device options. The exact performance data is given in the product specifications.

Spot Size / Model Acceptance Angle Lens Type Lower Sensitivity Standard Sensitivity Improved Sensititivity Highest Sensitivity min. & max. Luminance [cd/m²]
2.1 mm ± 10° Focusing yes 0.001 - 30 000 (190 000 UHL)
5 mm ± 5° Focusing yes  0.001 - 30 000 (190 000 UHL)
10 mm ± 2.5° Collimating yes 0.001 - 30 000 (190 000 UHL)
10 mm WA ± 6° Collimating yes 0.0003 - 7 500 (190 000 UHL)
10 mm IFC ± 3.7° Collimating yes 0.0025 - 75 000 (460 000 UHL)
20 mm ± 3° Collimating yes 0.0003 - 7 500 (48 000 UHL)
27 mm ± 4.5° Collimating yes 0.0001 - 2 800 (20 000 UHL)
X 27 mm ± 4.5° Collimating yes 0.0001 - 2 800 (20 000 UHL)
D 2 mm ± 10° Focusing yes 0.001 - 30 000 (190 000 UHL)
6‑angle 10 mm ± 3.5° Collimating yes 0.003 - 30 000

Prometheus Luminance and Flicker Meter

Prometheus 17 mm LF

The Prometheus Luminance and Flicker Meter is specifically aimed to assess the time-domain of displays and other luminance measurements in highest resolution. Of course all that perfectly weighted with the V(λ) Luminous efficiency function.

Compared to the tried and trusted Asteria series the Prometheus Luminance and Flicker Meter offers an even higher sampling speed of 800 000 samples/second. Add to this the precise custom made filters for a near-perfect match to the Y color-matching-function you can not only expect super fast but also highest accuracy measurements.

Build to perform and ready to use

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High performance

At Admesy we innovate continually, developing new, faster and more accurate technologies. Why? To pursue our mission to provide our customers with the most innovative test & measurement equipment solutions.

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Easy to integrate

Our measurement solutions are easy to integrate in your production workflow or product development. Together we determine the optimal solution for your application — choosing from a range of different lens options. Hardware and software will be integrated in a snap.

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Value for money

What makes our Prometheus measuring devices special? Their accuracy and repeatability, robustness and affordability. We do not call it a smart choice for nothing. Our promise to you is value for money. Clear and candid.

Satisfying customer needs

In a fast paced and ever evolving display market, our customers keep on inventing, pushing the boundaries of current display technologies. We are here to support both innovation and imagination. Our measurement solutions are continuously improved, ready to rely on for even your latest measurement needs.

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Measurements you can trust

High accuracy and repeatability: those are the given qualities any high-end measurement solution should posses. It’s exactly what we deliver.

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Running 24/7

Production in two shifts or 24/7? It’s what our Prometheus series is optimized for. Let’s keep on runnin'.

Lowest takt times

Fast takt times are key in any production environment. We help you to choose the right solution for that.

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