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Admesy manufactures innovative and reliable spectrometers, colorimeters, light meters and 2D imaging colorimeters for use in production testing, R&D or the lab.

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Since 2006 Admesy has developed to a well-known brand, offering a wide range of user-friendly and robust light and color measurement devices, suited to a broad range of applications. We provide customers with innovative solutions for production processes, test and measurement, automated inspection and analysis. Our colorimeters, spectrometers and light meters are fast, accurate and reliable: measurement power stuffed in a solid black box.


Display characterization is the process of accurately measuring and describing the color and luminance properties of display devices such as monitors, projectors, and televisions. This process is crucial for achieving consistent and precise color reproduction accross different devices and viewing environments.

Key aspects of display characterization are color gamut, gamma response, white point, brightness and contrast, and uniformity.

In the automotive industriy, display characterization is essential for ensuring that various screens in a vehicle provide accurate, consistent, and reliable visual information to the driver and passengers. With the increasing prevalence of digital displays in modern vehicles, from infotainment systems to digital instrument clusters, heads-up displays (HUDs) and also human machine interfaces (HMI) is crucial for safety, usability, and aesthetic appeal.

Display characterization in the automotive industry is vital for ensuring that vehicle displays are safe, reliable, and provide an optimal user experience. By employing advanced measurement tools and techniques, high standards of performance and consistency, ultimately enhancing the overall quality and safety can be achieved.

Some of the key aspects of automotive display characterization are Brightness and contrast, color accuracy, viewing angles and repsonse time.

Flicker measurment refers to the evaluation of fluctuations in the brightness. These fluctuations can be perceived by the human eye as flicker and can cause discomfort, headaches, or other adverse health effects.

Spectroscopy is the scientific study and analysis of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation. It involves measuring how different substances absorb, emit, or scatter light across a range of wavelenghts. By examining theses interactions, spectroscopy provides valuable insights into the comosition, structure, and properties of substances.

Measuring light in various applications, several types of equipment are commonly used to quantify different aspects of light.

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