The basics of light and color measurement in one guide!

Measuring color in a world of light!

One guide with all basic information on light and color measurement.

Admesy’s ‘Measuring color in a world of light’ is intended to provide basic knowledge to everyone who is interested in light and color measurement. This guide explains the terminology of light supported by background information about measurements and equipment. Additionally, different models for light and color communication and a number of application areas are explained.

Download for free the Admesy Measuring Guide:
Measuring Color in a World of Light

Flyer Seminar Optische Charakterisierung PBW Februar 2022 final
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Lichtmesstechnik und Optische Charakterisierung von Displays

Unser Farb- und Display-Experte Peter Karp unterstützt das Seminar Praktische Licht- und Displaymesstechnik

Admesy HQ 2021 02 snow
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Admesy is expanding: new Headquarter

Our new headquarters is nearing completion. Just a couple of weeks to cross the final t’s and dot the i’s.

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