Kenda Singapore – new Admesy distributor

We welcome Kenda as a new distributor for Singapore and the ASEAN countries. Kenda will represent the full range of Admessy products.

Kenda Singapur

Kenda's head office is based in Singapore. Since founding in 1978 Kenda has developed an automation and photonics business over the last 43 years. They specialize in the distribution of a wide range of products, especially in the Photonics and the Test and Measurements arena.

Kenda has many years of experience working with various customers’ applications from the display testing, lighting applications, imaging processing and creating OEM solutions. Kenda is looking forward to meet their customer's demands and requirements with Admesy solutions.

ADMESY 2021 251 A9374 DEF2
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Optical coatings, the nobel prize and a case study for Admesy spectroradiometers

Electro Optics posted an interesting article: Making waves in cosmic ripple detection. Interested to find out how Einstein's theories about black holes are related to thin-film coatings and why an Admesy spectroradiometer can play a vital role there?

Admesy HQ 2021 02 snow
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Admesy is expanding: new Headquarter

Our new headquarters is nearing completion. Just a couple of weeks to cross the final t’s and dot the i’s.

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