Hera series

Compact high end spectrometer

A small, robust package stuffed with measurement power

The Hera series is a highly accurate spectroradiometer with auto range function and excellent linearity in a robust and compact housing. Due to this combination the Hera can be used in a broad range of applications varying from R&D research to non-stop use in production environments. The Hera is available with a fixed [lens or cosine corrector] or fibre optics setup covering all you need to start your measurements. The Hera: stuffed with measurement power!

Hera highlights

  • Numerous spectral ranges: 380-780nm, 360-830nm, 200-1100nm
  • Fibre, lens or cosine corrector configuration
  • Measures various parameters including xy, CRI, CCT, radiometric & photometric, PAR, spectrum
  • Auto-range function
  • Excellent linearity
  • Dark current compensated
  • USBTMC compliant, SCPI command set, High speed device
  • USB, RS-232, Ethernet connections and trigger in & out for ideal system and OEM integration
  • Various calculations are carried out inside the device, saving processing power in production environments
  • Robust housing, optimized for mounting and protection in harsh production environments

*The Hera type 01 is also available as special Cronus series spectro-colorimeter. Additional to the spectrophotometer engine, the Cronus includes a high speed tri-stimulus colorimeter for high speed colour and flicker measurements. The Cronus series spectro-colorimeter is available in different optical configurations serving display and lighting applications.