Prometheus Viewfinder Spectrometer transparent

Prometheus Series
Viewfinder Spectrometer

Standard lens 1.2° spot ⌀ 4.56 mm ‑ 6.71 m

spectrometer measuring angle ± 1.2°
working distance range from 0.22 m to 305m

Prometheus Viewfinder Spectrometer Specification

Introducing the Prometheus Viewfinder Spectrometer, our brand new flagship for ultimate display measurements. Admesy's spectroradiometer with an integrated viewfinder is the true all-in-one display measurement solution. The electronic viewfinder allows quick and precise alignment of the 1.2° measurement spot with the standard lens or the 1 mm to 1.5 mm measurement spot with the macro lens. Based on the Neo high-end spectrometer the optical performance satisfies the highest expectations. Finally, an integrated flicker sensor completes the whole package. Like all Admesy series, Prometheus is robust for 24/7 use and easy to integrate in production environments.

“The ultimate all-in-one display measurement solution”

Electronic viewfinder

The integrated electronic viewfinder uses the established Pritchard-Optics. The resulting camera picture allows easy and quick alignment of the measurement spot. Optionally the camera picture can be stored with the measurement for unmistakable documentation.

1.2 degree measurement spot

The 1.2° measurement angle allows the measurement of fine details. By choosing a matching measurement distance different spot sizes are achieved. The shortest measurement distance results in a spot size of 4.6 mm.

Flicker and waveform

With the extreme sampling speed of the 186 567 samples/second the Prometheus Spectrometer is a true all-in-one solution. Besides the spectrum one can measure flicker, adjust V-Com or assess the waveform of the display signal.


  • Viewfinder with Pritchard mirror design
  • Camera enables to see the measurement spot on screen
  • 1.2° measurement angle → allows different measurement distances, starting from 250 mm
  • Fast measurements, even at lowest luminance levels
  • Low noise and low stray light
  • Wavelength and radicance calibrated
  • Internal wavelength monitoring function, for health and self-correction of minor wavelength drifts – this all for ultimate accuracy
  • Extremely low polarization sensitivity
  • Excellent linearity, internally compensated within ± 0.5 %
  • Dark current compensated, virtually zero over entire integration range
  • Super fast flicker measurement (186 567 samples/second) with precise V(λ) filtered photodiode
  • Internal mechanical Shutter and OD filter wheel for very large dynamic range
  • Auto-range function
  • Automatic motorized focus, no need for manual focus
  • Internal calculations for most common parameters, saving processing power in production environments
  • Robust housing, optimized for mounting and protection in harsh production environments
  • USB 3, RS232, Ethernet connections and trigger in & out for ideal system integration
  • Supports Windows, macOS and Linux integration
  • In addition to Visual Studio (C#, C++) also support of Labview, Matlab and Python or virtually any programming language
Viewfinder backside highlights

Prometheus Series
Viewfinder Spectrometer

Standard lens 1.2° spot ⌀ 4.56 mm ‑ 6.71 m

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