Illuminance Meters for Professional Applications

Illuminance meters quantitatively measure the amount of luminous flux (lx) of incident light on a surface according to human perception; CIE 1931 function. This is crucial for the optical optimization of lighting designed to fulfill an environment’s ambient properties, for example for retail, offices, and workspaces. Illuminance measurements can be carried out to achieve a particular atmosphere and to ensure that lighting conditions are compliant with various health and safety protocols.


Innovative light meters can perform one of the most basic light measurements to comprehensively improve the optical qualities of various light sources, including: illuminance & luminous intensity measurements and high-speed flicker measurements for LED-based lighting.

This article will explore Admesy’s illuminance meters in more detail, exploring how they can improve the conditions of a broad cross-section of professional locations:

Asteria Series Industrial Light Meter

The Asteria is a rapid light meter with additional light measurement parameters. It is calibrated for absolute illuminance measurements with an integrated cosine corrector featuring an illuminance sampling range of 10 – 150,000 lux, which is accurate to within +/- 2% of the measured value. These specifications allow the Asteria series to be used in production lines of various types of light sources to perform a 100% inspection rate of product batches. It can further improve the production process by determining any changes in the process directly, increasing yield and customer satisfaction.

This compact illuminance meter is also capable of analyzing flicker to widely-used flicker standards including flicker percentage and index. Newly developed flicker recommendations such as IEEE PAR 1789 are also supported, and by using raw flicker data any internal or upcoming standard can be implemented easily.

Illuminance Meters from Admesy

Admesy is a leading developer and supplier of light measurement equipment for industrial and R&D applications, with a broad product range capable of determining various optical qualities of manufactured light sources.

Our catalogue of devices capable of measuring illuminance also includes:

  • The Neo series spectrometer: a flexible spectrometer with variable optical systems;

If you would like any more information about our lighting measurement devices, including our illuminance meters, please do not hesitate to contact us.