The Importance of Light Measurement in the Display Industry

The display industry is characterized by persistent innovation and competition, as manufacturers strive to deliver the best possible user products. Various industry leaders field contending new display technologies such as QLED (quantum dot light emitting diode) and OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays in bids to provide the best consumer experiences and improve their own share of the display market – and that market is immense.

One of the most common applications for digital displays in terms of use is for mobile phones, and currently, as many as 6 out of 7 billion people on the planet are estimated to have access to a mobile device – alongside ownership of display devices such as TVs and computers.

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This broad range of applications has resulted in an incredible market saturation, which necessitates highly-accurate light measurement that ensures products in the public domain are fit for purpose. The fast-moving, large batch manufacturing processes of various digital displays also require rapid and efficient quality control testing to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

This article will explore some of the issues that precise light measurement instrumentation can detect for display products:

Prometheus focussing lens

Spot Measurements

Spot measurements can be implemented for both small and large displays throughout the production process to counter color and luminance (cd/m2) variation across the surface, allowing for the early application of appropriate filters to adjust and optimize the end-products optical characteristics. It is a form of light measurement that analyzes a spot or several spots across the display to determine the color of the panel.

Light measurements of this caliber are designed to keep up with the speed up manufacture for high-end products while increasing product yields. They are also integral to the release of displays that consistently perform to given technical specifications, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Modern consumers are increasingly aware of the improving technical capabilities of displays, and consequently of the various products offered by competitors across the market. It is important for display companies to implement thorough light measurement protocols to ensure display products perform to an advertised standard.

Admesy offers various light measurement devices tailored to production processes, which also conform to the latest industry standards in terms of speed, accuracy, and production-friendly integration. The product line for display spot measurements includes high-speed colorimeters like the MSE series, and the Hyperion colorimeter, which features near-perfect CIE 1931 XYZ filter characteristics. In addition to tristimulus colorimeters, spectrometers like the Neo and Prometheus spectroradiometer have been designed to operate in display production lines with high accuracy.

2D Measurements

2D imaging measurements analyze a display in its entirety by capturing an image with a camera that is calibrated with a built-in spectrometer, or through a three-stage process with XYZ filters applied to the entire screen. These 2D imaging spectro-colorimeters can be used to test various displays including LED panels and OLED panels, with general purpose applications for luminous surfaces.

Luminous surface displays are increasingly implemented in commercial and retail environments to create dynamic ambient atmospheres, or for targeted, colorful advertisements – yet they must also perform to stringent requirements. These surfaces must be accurately tested and monitored for flicker, to comply with various health and safety requirements dependent upon where the surface will be installed. Light measurements capable of detecting flicker in luminous surfaces can subsequently help improve various environments for workers, consumers, and pedestrians.

The Titan system from Admesy is an imaging colorimeter capable of performing 2D light measurements with an exceptional degree of flexibility. It combines a calibrated spectrometer and a rapid sampling light meter for the precise determination of flicker, alongside multipoint luminance and color measurements down to a single sub-pixel.

Light Measurement Products from Admesy

Admesy has been providing high-quality light measurement systems and equipment to customers for over a decade, offering accurate solutions to emerging and established problems in various industries. If you would like any more information about our light measurement equipment for the display industry, please do not hesitate to contact us.