What is a Collimating Lens?

‘Collimating’ is the process of accurately aligning light or particles in a parallel fashion. For light measurement, this ensures that the light has minimal spread as it propagates. Collimating lenses are for examples attached to spectrometers, colorimeters or light meters to ensure that the light that enters the instrument is parallel and covers the relevant measurement area.


Collimating Lens Configuration

A collimating lens system is typically made up of a tube with one or more lenses. By selecting the right properties of the lens and focal distance, light can be collimated with high accuracy. A collimating lens can either be attached directly to the measurement device or via a fiber connection for remote sensing.

Collimating Lens Applications

Typical applications for Admesy products with collimating lenses are found within display measurement applications. Collimating lenses are for example extremely useful when measuring displays, which includes color analysis, white point adjustment, flicker, response time, gamma, etc. The optics are designed in such a way that alignment of the measurement spot can be optimized with stable measurement data and high repeatability as a result. This all contributes to the development and production of high-quality displays.

Collimating lenses can also be used in lighting measurement applications. In particular when measuring diffuse surfaces of light sources such as OLED panels. Similar parameters including spectral power distribution, color and flicker can be determined depending on the measurement device.

Also, analysis applications where for example (spectral) transmission data of translucent materials is important for managing production processes. The advantage of collimating lenses attached to light sources and/or spectrometers is that light enters the sample under one specific angle only, with almost no variation. Again, this contributes to stable and repeatable measurement results.

Collimating Lenses from Admesy

Admesy supplies a large range of sampling accessories for measurement devices such as spectrometers, colorimeters, and light meters as well as light sources. Within this range, there are various collimating lenses available depending on your application requirements. Lens systems are either connected directly to the measurement systems, or they can all be connected to Admesy’s robust custom optical fiber. Our lens accessories provide flexibility when using a measurement device for research and development, or when integrating it into production lines with limited space for positioning the equipment.

Collimating lenses are available for our Neo, Hera and Asteria series.

If you would like any more information about the collimating lens range from Admesy, please contact us.