Admesy's Neo plays a role in agriculture efficiency breakthrough

Measuring the hemispherical light transmission is the most representative method for determining the performance of materials used in greenhouses and other horticultural structures related to a maximized use of sunlight. But there has been no standardized, commercial tool available that is easy to use for the horticultural industry, until now.

In collaboration with Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Admesy created an accurate, easy-to-use solution for measuring hemispherical light transmission. We are currently working with a commercial third party from the glass industry and are in the market validation phase for the solution with potential customers who want to do validations. Based on those validations, there will be a commercially viable system available very soon.

Want to learn more about the standardized measuring of hemispherical light transmission? You can read about it in our White Paper. You may also want to read the article "A crystal clear approach to light measurement".

WUR horticulture ADM038 WTK White Paper2b
WUR horticulture ADM038 WTK White Paper4