Cooperation with Calciscon and Amsterdam University Medical Centers

Calciscon, the Amsterdam University Medical Centers and Admesy have signed a collaborative agreement for the development of a laboratory T50 benchtop analyzer.The CALPROTECT consortium is supported by €2M Eurostars funding.


“The challenges associated with creating a robust, reliable and economical detection system for the minuscule calciprotein particles fall exactly into our R&D strong-hold in high-performance optical systems”

T50 is a unique test for the measurement of calcification propensity in a blood sample. The primary use of T50 is to revolutionize the treatment of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, particularly dialysis patients, with the potential to significantly reduce their cardiovascular burden. The collaboration partners combine excellence in calcification in vitro diagnostics (Calciscon), in-depth know-how on optical detection systems (Admesy) and world-renown expertise in clinical chemistry and nephrology research (Amsterdam UMC).

Press-release (PDF)