Optical coatings, the nobel prize and a case study for Admesy spectrometers

Einstein predicted that planets or stars orbiting each other or two black holes merging are causing some sort of ripples in space, called gravitational waves. We invite you to read the fascinating explanation on the website of the NASA. Researchers could detect gravitational waves for the first time in 2015. This was rewarded with the nobel prize in 2017. Now with improvements in optical coatings, new observations have been made and with advancements in technology more are to be expected.

Black hole

Admesy spectroradiometer drastically improves filter quality

You wonder now what an Admesy spectroradiometer has to do with high-performance optical coatings? The answer is simple. Admesy partnered with CEC (Cutting-Edge- Coatings GmbH), a German manufacturer of ion beam sputtering machines. By using our new Neo spectroradiometer platform, the accuracy of demanding filter coatings could be improved by a large margin.

In our case study you will learn how the optical performance, especially the excellent linearity, of an Admesy spectroradiometer played a crucial role in improving the quality of color filters. By the way, we are not talking about some arbitrary color filters, but the filters which are used in our new Prometheus colorimeter series.