Spectroscopy Ninja – a new optical spectroscopy software for the Neo spectrometer series

Spectragryph, a universal optical spectroscopy software, now supports direct measurements with Admesy Neo spectrometers.

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At Laser World of Photonics 2023 in Munich, Spectragryph introduced direct support of the Admesy Neo spectrometers and light sources.

Spectragryph is a well-known and respected software solution for optical spectroscopy. It is a perfect match to the Neo series. With Spectragryph you can measure, optimize, manipulate and analyze spectral data. You can search spectral databases, use it for Raman or fluorescence spectroscopy and more. A wide variety of file formats are supported. In addition one can now directly control the Neo series spectrometers and acquire the spectrum.

…one app to treat them all…

Spectragryph is available as an optional software to control the Neo series. It is available with a free license for academic or personal use or with a professional license. Visit the Spectragryph website for more information, a free test version or purchase.