Hyperion series

The next step in colour measurement

Highly accurate XYZ colorimeter for display measurements

The Hyperion is a high speed XYZ colorimeter. The Hyperion offers near-perfect filter characteristics and ultra-high sensitivity packed in a typical robust and compact Admesy package. The Hyperion is the ultimate and user-friendly colorimeter for in-line colour measurement applications such as display production. The Hyperion is available in single, multiple lens and multiple angle versions.

Hyperion highlights

  • Nearly perfect CIE1931 filter characteristics
  • Higher sensitivity: lower noise circuit
  • High dynamic range
  • High speed luminance & colour measurements for accurate flicker measurements
  • All calculations done inside, including JEITA, for ease integration
  • Colour measurement in XYZ, Yxy, Yu’v’
  • Other colour spaces available via a supplied colour library
  • USB, RS-232, Ethernet connections and trigger in & out for ideal system and OEM integration
  • Available in 4 angle simultaneous measurement version

Hyperion filters

Hyperion filter characteristics