Lighting: radiant power measurements

Radiant power is the amount of power [light] emitted from a source irrelevant of the direction it is emitted, expressed in Watt [W]. Applied to light sources, it is known as spectral power and defines the total amount of power in Watts emitted for each wavelength in each direction. Admesy offers complete solutions with integrating spheres to carry out spectral power measurements for various types of light sources from UV, VIS to UV-NIR.

sphere drawing






A typical radiant power measurement setup consists of a spectrophoto- or spectroradiometer connected to an integrating sphere. This combination allows precise determination of spectral power distribution, dominant and peak wavelengths, CRI, CCT, PAR and colour. Admesy’s combined spectro- and colorimeter, the Cronus, additionally allows flicker measurements without the need for a separate device. For more information about radiant power measurements of LEDs, please take a look at our corresponding application guide.

Rhea Hera Cronus
 Spectral colour analysis X X X
 Dominant & peak wavelength X X X
 Radiance & irradiance X X X
 Luminance & illuminance X X X
 Radiant intensity X X X
 Luminous intensity X X X
 Radiant power Combined with sphere Combined with sphere Combined with sphere *
 Luminous power Combined with sphere Combined with sphere Combined with sphere *
 Flicker analysis   X
 Low luminance measurements    

 *Cronus Bhaskar measures relative flux