Lighting: luminance & illuminance measurements

When analysing light sources one often wants to measure the luminance or illuminance of the source. Luminance is often referred to as brightness and expressed in candela per square meter whereas illuminance is the amount of light from a surface expressed in lux or lumen per square meter. The third covered unit which can be measured is luminous intensity [candela]. To measure luminance, illuminance or luminous intensity a different measurement setup is needed:

Lens system Cosine corrector 
 Luminance [cd/m2] X  
 Illuminance [lux]   X
 Luminous intensity [cd]   X

With both  types of optics flicker can be analysed, for more information about flicker measurements please take a look at our flicker application page. Depending on the lighting measurement needs, Admesy has several suitable measurement systems, with or without flicker measurement.

Rhea  Hera  Cronus Asteria
 Spectral colour analysis X X X
 Dominant & peak wavelength X X X
 Luminance & illuminance X X X X
 Luminous intensity Cosine corrector Cosine corrector Cosine corrector Cosine corrector
 Flicker   X X
 Low luminance X