Luminance Irradiance DEF

Luminance, Illuminance, Luminous Intensity

When analysing light sources one often wants to measure the luminance or illuminance of the source. Luminance is correlated to perceived brightness and expressed in candela per square meter whereas illuminance is the amount of light falling on a surface expressed in lux or lumen per square meter. The third covered unit which can be measured is luminous intensity [candela]. To measure luminance, illuminance or luminous intensity a different measurement setup is needed:

Neo Prometheus Viewfinder Asteria
Spectral color analysis yes yes
Dominant & peak wavelength yes yes
Luminance & illuminance yes Luminance yes
Luminous intensity Cosine corrector Cosine corrector Cosine corrector
Flicker yes
Low luminance yes

How are you measuring?

With fibers and other accessories even more type of measurements are possible. Often used accessories are integrating spheres, cuvettes for fluids, light sources or filter holders.

Consumers are used to enjoy top-quality displays in their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even cars. Emerging technologies such as lighting surfaces for office and home illumination are expected to look equally perfect. Both displays and luminous surfaces are the main application areas for imaging colorimeters.