Reflectance Measurements

During high speed production processes of various products it is important to monitor color or characteristics of the product. Firstly they determine the look and feel of the final product. Variation within and between product batches can be perceived as low quality by end users. Secondly such variations in color or characteristics can also indicate variation in the production process which might have other quality issues. Admesy offers various solutions to support the following reflection measurements:

  • Specular component excluded [SCE], measures color by illuminating and measuring from different angles. This allows true color measurement excluding the influence of gloss.
  • Specular component included [SCI], measures color by illuminating and measuring at various angles to measure both color and gloss for total appearance measurement.
Reflective probe 0° Reflective probe 45°
SCE yes
SCI yes

How are you measuring?

With fibers and other accessories even more type of measurements are possible. Often used accessories are integrating spheres, cuvettes for fluids, light sources or filter holders.

Consumers are used to enjoy top-quality displays in their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even cars. Emerging technologies such as lighting surfaces for office and home illumination are expected to look equally perfect. Both displays and luminous surfaces are the main application areas for imaging colorimeters.