Transmission Measurements

Color and optical variations occur in the production process of for example plastic foils, coated glass or phosphor plates due to small variations in compounds, process, characteristics or layer thickness. Often color changes can also be used as an efficient way to control the production process or for example layer thickness of a coating. A stabilized and controlled light source as the Admesy Steropes teamed up with one of our spectrometers, colorimeters or light meters makes the ideal combination to measure translucent substances for a wide range of applications, including liquids by means of cuvettes. Admesy offers solutions for three types of transmission measurements:

  • Spectral transmission properties of materials to determine transmissive response for each individual wavelength.
  • Color measurement of materials by means of a colorimeter or spectrometer.
  • Optical density to measure the amount of light absorbed and transmitted through a material.
Neo & Crius Hera & Steropes Asteria & Steropes
Spectral analysis yes yes
Color analysis yes yes
Luminance yes yes yes
High density [OD] yes

How are you measuring?

With fibers and other accessories even more type of measurements are possible. Often used accessories are integrating spheres, cuvettes for fluids, light sources or filter holders.

Consumers are used to enjoy top-quality displays in their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even cars. Emerging technologies such as lighting surfaces for office and home illumination are expected to look equally perfect. Both displays and luminous surfaces are the main application areas for imaging colorimeters.