Spectrometry: preconfigured spectroradiometers

For most popular spectral measurement needs, Admesy offers various spectroradiometers to cover applications in display, lighting and analysis measurements. The table below shows available preconfigured / application based spectroradiometers Admesy currently offers. Please note that the high-end Rhea spectroradiometer series is fully configurable and available with a wide range of slit sizes, gratings and sensors.

Rhea optical bench

Rhea series
VISBroadbandRaman 785nmRaman 532nmLaser analysis
Hera series
Type 01*Type 02Type 04

*The Hera type 01 is also available as special Cronus series spectro-colorimeter. Additional to the spectrophotometer engine, the Cronus includes a high speed tri-stimulus colorimeter for high speed colour and flicker measurements. The Cronus series spectro-colorimeter is available in different optical configurations serving display and lighting applications.