Spectroscopy measurements


Configurable spectroradiometers Fully configurable spectroradiometers with selectable slit size, grating, detector allow to build a perfect spectral measurement engine for your specific application. Preconfigured spectrometers For most popular spectral measurement needs, Admesy offers various spectroradiometers to cover applications in display, lighting and analysis measurements ranging from UV up to NIR. General information about spectrometry General information […]

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Spectrum Wave Spectrometry: general spectrometry

A wide range of applications in research & development and in-line production demand highly accurate analysis of light or reflection of light. Analysis by means of luminance measurements and tristimulus colorimeters may not always reveal all required information. Spectrometry, sometimes known as spectroscopy, allows detailed data regarding the composition of light per wavelength. By dispersing a light beam […]

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